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School Fees Policy

The basis upon which school fees are administrated


Effective from 1 January 2009

School fees should be paid in full according to the prescribed timetable advised to parents/ guardians at the start of the school year.

However, no Catholic student will be denied a place in our school due to the parent/guardians' genuine inability to pay in full, or even part fees.

In circumstances where a student is absent for the substantial part of the term or perhaps leaves the school in the middle of the term, fees will be payable for the whole term unless the Principal says otherwise.

Fee concession and remissions will be considered upon application. The Principal will determine the outcome of any application.

Action may be taken to recover outstanding fees in accordance with BCE policy.


Policy Statement

 The setting of school fee levels is the responsibility of the Principal guided by the policies and levies set by Brisbane Catholic Education and in consultation with the School Board