Caritas Australia visit

​As the school’s focus for this year, is ‘Acting Justly,’ Kerry Drysdale from Caritas Australia came to visit our Year 5s and Year 6s. He spoke to them about the difference between charity and justice and what it means to be a person who acts justly. He shared the experiences of the people who work in the Caritas Organisation around the world. He explained how the funds raised by our school during the Project Compassion Lenten appeal goes towards building communities and educating people to work within their own communities.

Kerry then spent the afternoon working with teachers and educating them on the Catholic Social Teaching of solidarity, common good, subsidiarity, participation, stewardship of creation, dignity of the human person and preferential option for the poor. He shared with us the Caritas resources that can be used in the classrooms. He and the teachers then used the resources to plan exciting lessons for classes for next term and next year.