Sports Day

ā€‹Our annual Sports Day is upon us, with this Friday forecast to be another cracking day weather-wise, full of fun activities, ball games, sprints and cheering. Within this newsletter, we have included a rough outline of events and activity rotations along with information to assist with the running of the day. We will try to stick to the timetable as much as possible, and while we understand the pressures of juggling parental work commitments and trying to duck out for an hour or so to watch a race, we cannot guarantee a definite start time for these events. We will do our best, and we thank you for your understanding and support with our other requests such as canteen use etc. Please make sure you read the information provided. Thank you to our teachers, led by Mrs Pareezer-Jones for their efforts so far preparing and planning for the day. Iā€™m sure all our children will have a fantastic day.ā€‹