School Hours & Routine

‚ÄčLearning Time Together

School commences: 8.40 am
No students are to arrive at school before 8am. Between 8.00 and 8.15 am students are to sit in the undercover area.  There is supervision in the playground from 8.15 am.
All students are to be at school by 8.35 am
Lunch: 10.50 - 11.30 am
Afternoon tea: 1.30 - 1.50pm
School concludes: 3.00pm
At 3.15pm students are taken from the pick-up zone waiting area to the waiting area outside the office.
Before and after school care is available. It is located in the school hall.  Registration is necessary.
Please note:
Teachers DO NOT commence playground supervision in the morning until twenty minutes prior to the commencement of classes, so there is no supervision of students until 8.15am. Students are to sit in the undercover area until that time.

From 3.15 pm students still in the school grounds are to sit outside the main office until collected by parents.

While teachers are often on the school grounds and engaged in a variety of school related tasks and activities well before and after school times, it cannot be assumed that they are providing formal supervision of the children.