​​Regional and Intraschool

Sport is incorporated as a subject area at St Joseph's into Health and Physical Activity. Some competitive sport is done i.e. Track and Field, Cross Country and Swimming.

Competition is held at both inter-house and zone level so that particularly talented youngsters have the opportunity to compete at District, Regional and State level.  Our school is part of the Eastern Taipans District which competes in the Metropolitan West region.  For more information regarding representative sport, please visit the Met West School Sport​ website.
It is important to note that:
  • No student is put into a competitive sporting situation without a thorough skill and fitness grounding.
  • All activities contain a varying degree of aerobic fitness components from very high (cross country, middle distance running, and swimming) to moderate (perceptual motor).
  • It is all designed with learning through active participation in mind.
Grounds and facilities at St Joseph's are most conducive to Physical Education activities.
Grassed areas are available to be used by the teachers to conduct Health and Physical Education classes.
Adventure Playgrounds give the children further opportunity to improve motor learning and upper body strength.
We have two tennis courts and a Multi-Purpose indoor complex containing a full size basketball court and indoor soccer facilities.   
The sheltered veranda area is used enthusiastically by the students for ball sports.  Such a complex is not only of great advantage in the teaching of PE but also provides an indoor facility for hot or wet weather conditions.  In addition, a covered area provides markings for handball, mini netball and volleyball. 

Sport Coaching:

Private Instructors conduct lessons in a variety of sports throughout the year, for example tennis, soccer, cricket.
Coaches use the school facilities - tennis courts and oval, before and after school.
Information about when this coaching is available and the cost of the program is sent home throughout the school year.