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Information and Resources

The resource centre houses the multi modal devices, information resources, literature, reference materials, and scientific, technological and mathematical resources.


The aim of the centre

To promote information literacy
To encourage independent learning and research in conjunction with classroom teachers
To encourage appreciation of reading and literature for learning and leisure
To educate in multi modal devices to enhance learning
To assist teachers with the equipment they need to teach effectively.


The role of the Teacher-Librarian

To work in partnership with teachers and others to contribute to the learning skills of each student
To maintain online and text resources to be available for student and teacher use.
To cooperatively plan with teachers and organize and teach in the resource centre as an extension of the classroom.
To maintain the database used in the Library and other databases used by teachers and students
To coordinate the maintenance of electronic and other equipment
To maintain an environment that is conducive to be used by members of the school​​