Preparatory Year

​At St Joseph's, children are viewed as capable learners who bring knowledge and experiences into the school setting. Their experiences affect their cognitive, social and physical development,​ as well as influencing dispositions to learning and their view of themselves as learners. These experiences form the basis upon which to build new learning.
Staff share with families, in a productive partnership, the common goal of education and care for each individual student in order to develop early educational relationships and lay the foundation for lifelong learning.​
In Prep the students will be participating in a programme which is based on active learning and follows the guidelines approved by ACARA. The programme develops:
  • a positive approach to learning
  • independence and confidence
  • creativity
  • thinking and problem-solving skills
  • language skills
  • literacy and numeracy skills
  • physical abilities​
All this will be within a flexible, learning environment that allows the children to explore and learn through
  • play
  • real life situations
  • investigations
  • routines and transitions
  • focused learning and teaching​

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